Ania Syrowatka

PhD, Epidemiology (McGill University)

T. 613-728-2238 x218

CIHR Health System Impact Fellow, Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement


Faculty Supervisor:  G. Ross Baker

Research Interests

I am a health services and policy researcher. My interests include health informatics, knowledge translation, healthcare quality improvement, medical decision making and patient engagement in healthcare. My Doctoral research focused on the development of risk stratification algorithms using routinely collected administrative health data. The objective was to identify breast cancer survivors at higher risk of new-onset psychological distress to help guide allocation of supportive care resources. I am now a CIHR Health System Impact Fellow at the University of Toronto and the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement (CFHI). My current program of work focuses on improving access to and delivery of palliative care across Canada. I am also conducting an evidence synthesis to identify facilitators of bottom-up spread and scale of healthcare innovations to inform the work done by CFHI and other health improvement organizations.