Mixed Methods in Health Services Research


HSR1001H and a quantitative methods course


In this course students will engage in the theory and practice of mixed methods research. In the past several decades, Mixed Methods Research (MMR) has developed dramatically. Over this timeframe, it has been associated with several different definitions. The working definition we will use in this course involves the collection and analysis of both qualitative and quantitative data in a way that either merges the data, has one build off of the other, embeds one within the other or is developed around a mixed methodological philosophical or theoretical orientation that informs all aspects of the study. Throughout the course a range of mixed methods research designs will be discussed with examples that draw from applications in health research. Students will work through a MMR project that has been pre-designed for this class.


  • To identify key philosophical & theoretical issues in MMR and multiple examples of mixed method designs.

  • To contrast key features of quantitative and qualitative research as they relate to MMR.

  • To articulate and reflect on their own perceptions about the current state of MMR.

  • To apply and demonstrate knowledge about collecting and analyzing data within an original MMR project.


Katie Dainty

Katie N. Dainty

Program Director – Health Systems Research (HSR)

Sarah EP Munce