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The course objective is to teach students to write for medical and healthcare journals. Students will learn how to frame a paper, how to write clearly, how to prepare the tables and figures, how to succinctly discuss the results and how to deal with peer and editorial review. Each student is required to bring a topic to pursue as manuscript during the time period of the course. The weekly sessions will consist of a class discussion of the manuscript in preparation with specific feedback from the instructor. This will require each student to continuously write and edit their papers throughout this course. Students planning to publish their research will benefit the most, if their data has already been analysed and is ready for presentation. Students may also wish to write papers that have no new data (e.g. commentaries, editorials, reviews). Students who already have theses prepared are encouraged to use that work to convert into peer review papers. By the end of the course, students will have a manuscript that is suitable for submission to a journal.


Allan Detsky

Allan Detsky

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