Health Services Finance


HAD5723H – Health Services Accounting


HAD5733H is the second in a two-course sequence intended to impart to generalist administrators a knowledge of finance and accounting necessary to manage health care organizations. The first course, HAD5723H, focuses on managerial accounting topics. This second course, HAD5733H will concentrate on corporate finance topics. In addition, it will integrate corporate finance and accounting theories, institutional knowledge of health care finance, and applications to specific problems.


The course will be taught in three major sections with the following objectives:

  1. Investments (or capital expenditures):

    • Achieving a conceptual understanding of valuation and the effects of project selection, asset acquisition, financing methods and the time value of money;
    • Developing an ability to evaluate the desirability of a project, based on net present value calculations and considerations of non-cash values;
    • Gaining a facility with the use of spreadsheet technology in conducting financial analyses.
  2. Financing:

    • Achieving an ability to estimate the cost of various sources of financing, based on projected cash flow
    • Gaining an ability to evaluate leasing versus buying of an asset.
  3. Other topics:

    • Gaining an understanding of how to develop a strategic long range financial plan
    • Gaining an understanding of capital and operations financial planning for a long-term care facilty;
    • Gaining an understanding of the financial aspects of public-private partnerships.

Learner Competencies

  • Achievement Orientation
  • Analytical Thinking
  • Financial Skills
  • Initiative
  • Innovative Thinking
  • Self-Confidence
  • Strategic Orientation


Brian Chun-Fai Chan


HSR – Health Technology Assessment Emphasis Co-Lead
Walter Wodchis

Walter P. Wodchis


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Health Services Finance

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