Global Quality of Care


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This highly interactive course analyzes macro- and meso- health system level issues related to quality of care in health systems globally, with a focus on low- and middle-income countries: the state of quality of care globally; key findings and recommendations from global reports on quality of care (2018); key interventions to improve quality of care at scale in health systems (evidence and limitations); innovation in service delivery and its impact on quality of care; better measurement of quality of care; approaches to develop national policies and strategies to improve quality of care at scale. The course builds on scientific literature in the health sector and direct experience from the World Bank, OECD and the World Health Organization to support countries in developing, financing and implementing quality of care strategies and policies at scale. The course includes direct exposure to leading voices in global health (policy practitioners and world class academics) through student-led virtual interviews with guest lecturers, as well as discussion during synchronous lectures.


  • Understand the concepts related to quality of care and articulate the determining characteristics of quality of care and importance in health systems.

  • Analyze and discuss current trends in quality of care globally.

  • Identify and understand key interventions to improve quality of care at scale in health systems and be able to discuss their evidence and limitations.

  • Be familiar with and discuss methods for measuring quality of care within and across health systems.

  • Expand thinking and engage in discourse on the implications of quality of care for health systems globally.

  • Develop a national quality strategy


Jeremy H.M. Veillard

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