Health Economics Graduate Seminar Series


The focus of this seminar series is on the practicalities of doing research in health economics. It is open to all IHPME graduate students. The students will gain experience in the application of the methodological and theoretical tools of economics to their own work. The aim in part of the seminar is to reinforce concepts covered in IHPME graduate courses. The seminar also aims to expose students to emerging issues in the field of health economics. There will be invited speakers who will discuss particular issues in research in health economics theory and methods as they are encountered in actual ongoing research projects. Thesis stage students will be required to present their own research and to actively participate in discussions of each other’s presentations and presentations of invited speakers. The seminar series takes place over 2 terms (September to April) and students are expected to attend 75% of all sessions. 


  • Learn how to present a scientific paper
  • Learn about a range of econometric (regression) methods that can be applied to health and health care data