Survey of Cognitive & Behavioural Sciences Theory




The course will provide an overview of key theories and theorists in the Cognitive, Behavioural, and Epidemiological Sciences, as well as how they have been applied in the interdisciplinary field of Health Professions Education Research (HPER).


  1. Describe key theories from the Cognitive, Behavioural & Epidemiological Sciences that inform health professions education research (HPER).

  2. Explain how key theories in the Cognitive, Behavioural & Epidemiological Sciences are applied and justified in HPER.

  3. Compare and contrast theories either between or within the Cognitive, Behavioural & Epidemiological Sciences, including their impact on study design and interpretation of results.

  4. Apply Cognitive, Behavioural & Epidemiological Sciences theories to a specific research question and preliminary study design.


Nicole Woods

Accepting Students


The assessment for the course will consist of 5 parts: 30% Critiques, 15% Paper proposal, 30% for a Final paper, and 15% for a Final oral presentation, 10% Class participation.