Assessment in Health Professions Education




The course will provide an overview of key theories and concepts in Assessment Sciences, as well as how they have been and are being applied in the interdisciplinary field of Health Professions Education. The sessions will also explore theoretical and practical considerations of performance-based assessment, and its various uses across learner levels from undergraduate to post-graduate and continuing professional development. Using foundational knowledge of assessment science gained throughout the course, students will identify research questions intended to advance assessment science and will create an assessment program relevant to their graduate research or context.


  1. Discuss key theoretical frameworks that inform assessment in health professions education research and practice.

  2. Compare and contrast assessment frameworks including their theoretical roots and justifications.

  3. Explain how key theoretical assessment frameworks are applied and justified in health professions education.

  4. Identify research questions and approaches to study that advance assessment science in health professions education.


Walter Tavares


Accepting Students


The assessment for the course will consist of 5 parts: 10% Participation in-class discussions, 30% Assessment Frameworks/Research Critiques, 20% Assessment Program/Plan, 30% Discussion Paper, 10% Oral Presentation