Academic Medicine: From the Global to the Virtual




Academic hospitals and faculties of medicine, i.e., academic medicine, have a long history of engaging with the global space to support its classical operational pillars of care, education, and research. Historically, this global engagement has manifested as international partnerships, the sale of curriculum, the co-branding of institutions, and in the form of the movement of health professional students and faculty. More recently, academic medicine’s gaze has shifted to the virtual world in the form of virtual care, research, education, and operations. This course explores the socio-political relations underpinning academic medicine’s engagement in both the global and the virtual world and the potential implications for academic hospitals, the university, health professionals and health professions education.


    1. Gain an understanding of academic medicine, its constituent institutions (hospitals and faculties of medicine) and its historical and current engagements in the global space.

    2. Become familiar with various theories that can be used to analyze global engagement of, and virtual care/education/operations in, academic medicine. Theories of globalization, Michel Foucault’s Critical Discourse Analysis and his theories of spatiality, colonialization, and academic capitalism and others will be discussed.

    3. Become familiar with how academic medicine, and its respective institutions, are migrating to the virtual world and how it might affect care, education, research and operations.



The assessment for the course will consist of 3 parts: Class discussion 10%, Presentation of Current Event 30%, Reflection Paper 20% Final Paper 40%