Introduction to Health Services Research Theory and Methods


Doctoral students only


The field of health services research draws upon theories, research designs and methods from a wide variety of disciplines including social and behavioural sciences, clinical sciences, management and administrative sciences, law, epidemiology and biostatistics. The goal of this course is to provide a forum for doctoral students to explore theoretical/conceptual frameworks, study designs and research methods, and to apply them in the preparation of a health services research project.


Upon completion of the course, students should be able to:

  • Draw upon and integrate the research theories and methods used in a variety of disciplines to define a research question and plan a health services research project;
  • Develop a conceptual framework for a research study and use it as the basis for a study design;
  • Understand the application of quantitative and qualitative methods used in health services research;
  • Demonstrate the analytic skills required to critically read and evaluate the health services research literature;
  • Develop and defend a research question, conceptual framework and methodology that addresses an important health services research question.


Whitney Berta

Whitney Berta

HSR – Health Services Organization and Management Studies Emphasis Co-Lead


  • Class facilitation
  • Literature review
  • Development of conceptual framework