Best Practice in Education Rounds (BPER) – Evaluation: The Role and Opportunities within a Teaching Hospital

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On Tuesday October 7th at noon there will be a Best Practice in Education Rounds (BPER) session by Dr. Sandra Cunning entitled Evaluation: The Role and Opportunities within a Teaching Hospital. Please mark it down in your calendar and come check it out! See the attached poster and the session description below for more information.

Session Description:

Evaluation can serve many purposes within hospital setting. Primarily it can assist in answering key questions such as:

1)      What is needed and what capacities exist related to education and training?

2)      How should an education program look?

3)      How is an education program being implemented and adopted?

4)      Are the desired objectives of the program being achieved?

5)      What else is being achieved?

Despite its many functions, evaluation often sits at the centre of many tensions such as the increasing demand to conduct evaluations balanced against the lack of dedicated resources to do so and the view of “lesser” type of research versus a specialized form of research. The presentation aims to engage participants in thought and discussion regarding the role of evaluation in relation to research and quality assurance processes and activities. It will highlight the distinction between “research” and “evaluation” as a matter of degree versus difference. It also will consider evaluation as the “means” to quality assurance and a conduit for research. Finally, it will share some examples of evaluation within a teaching hospital and introduce ideas for building an “evaluative culture”.

Hope to see you there! If you have any questions, please contact Jasmine at

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