BPER Best Practice in Education Rounds – April 7

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Best Practice in Education Rounds
Cultivating Humanistic Care – Reflection,
Narratives, and Medical Education

On Tuesday April 7th at noon there will be a Best Practice in Education Rounds (BPER) session by Dr. Arno Kumagai entitled Cultivating Humanistic Care – Reflection, Narratives, and Medical Education. Please mark it down in your calendar and come check it out! See the attached poster and the session description below for more information.

Session Description:

This talk will be on ways in which one can engage narratives, reflection, and dialogues to enhance empathy and patient-centered care. The educational context in which these approaches have been implemented is the

Family Centered Experience (FCE), a course at the University of Michigan Medical School that engages individuals with chronic illness to teach doctors-in-training lessons how to work with patients and their families.

The conceptual framework behind the FCE incorporates theories of narrative, moral development and transformative learning, as well as pedagogical approaches that emphasize critical reflection, “cognitive disequilibrium,” perspective-taking, and dialogue as the basis for fostering internalized humanistic values and perspectives.

Hope to see you there! If you have any questions, please contact Jasmine at sheehanj@smh.ca

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