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A Social Network Analysis Perspective to Health Services/System Research

Speaker: Reza Nooraie, University of Toronto

Social network analysis is a perspective to study relations among social entities (such as photoindividuals, teams, organizations). It tries to answer why and with whom the people communicate, what they gain by forming and maintaining social ties, how social positions and transactions shape beliefs and behaviors, and how social structures evolve and reshape over time. Network analysis includes a constellation of graphical and statistical techniques. Recent methodological advancements opened new doors to analyze the complexity of social structures by the development of sophisticated mathematical models and mixing quantitative data with qualitative inquiry. Social network analysis is a promising perspective that can deepen our understanding of social predictors, processes, and outcomes of health care interventions. This talk will present an overview of social network analysis and its theoretical underpinnings, an introduction to analytical concepts and techniques, and implications for health services research.

Reza Yousefi Nooraie is a post-doctoral fellow at IHPME. He obtained his medical doctorate at Tehran University of Medical Sciences, and his Masters and PhD in health research methodology at McMaster University. His main area of interest is using social network analysis as a perspective to implementation science and knowledge translation. He also has been involved in network analysis studies on co-authorship among scholars, inter-agency partnership, and professional discussion networks in hospital wards.

Winter 2016 Schedule:

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