Global Health Equity & Innovation Summit: Creating a Pandemic of Health

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Online registration closes October 27, 2014
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Date(s) – 03/11/2014 – 05/11/2014
9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Pandemic of Health
Equitable creation and spread of health, not just the more traditional focus on the fight against disease and avoidable causes of death, must be the main purpose of public health.  Accelerating this shift is more urgent than ever, now that humans are becoming an urban species plagued by non-communicable diseases, financial crises, social disparity, global climate change and ineffectual polarized political structures that are threatening the sustainability of the species.

The Global Health, Equity and Innovation Summit will bring together thought leaders, who will explore how best to create a pandemic of health.  The program of the Summit will develop from a foundational theme, “Creating and Spreading Health”. A groundbreaking scholarly agenda will emanate through the following five sub-themes (“Virus strains”):

  1. Preventing the Preventable, Treating the Treatable, Transcending the Inevitable:  What is the Gold Standard for Health Systems?

  2. Urbanism, Health, and the Growth of Megacities: When is more, more?

  3. Politics, Privilege and Power: What Really Determines Global Health Inequities?

  4. Achieving Convergence: What Kind of Life should Future Generations Experience?

  5. Global Big Data: How can Big Data Accelerate Global Health Progress?

Each subtheme will focus on the ‘sweet spot’ located at the intersection of three fundamental areas: ‘health’; ‘equity’; and ‘innovation’.

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