Health Services, Systems and Policy Seminar Series: Erica Di Ruggiero & Halla Thorsteinsdóttir

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Implementation Research: Why and how it matters to global health?

Eric Di Ruggiero, Dalla Lana School of Public Health & Halla Thorsteinsdóttir, Dalla Lana School of Public Health

The presentation will discuss the field of implementation research, how it has emerged in the context of global health; review key concepts (e.g. context, equity and scale) related to implementation research; and, highlight a few global health relevant examples from research and an evaluation of a research funding program.

Profile of Erica Di RuggieroErica Di Ruggiero is Associate Professor, Social and Behavioural Health Sciences Division, Director of the Office of Global Public Health Education and Training and Director, Collaborative Specialization in Global Health at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health. Her research focuses on the study of population health interventions (policies and programs), their implementation and health and health equity impacts, and on how different types of evidence shape global policy agendas in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Profile of HallaHalla Thorsteinsdóttir is an Adjunct Professor at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health and the Director of Small Globe Inc. She has analysed widely health innovation in low-and-middle income countries.

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Dissemination & Implementation Science: Explained & Emerging

The Series will feature leading scholars in the areas of dissemination and implementation science, who will engage seminar participants in discussions around a variety of topics including: differentiating dissemination and implementation science and situating them within the broader KT domain; what is knowledge and approaches to its generation; the history and evolution of dissemination and implementation science; dominant and promising theory and frameworks for DIS; research approaches, methods and methodological challenges in implementation science; de-implementation and other thorny implementation issues; network perspectives on D&I; sustainability research; and contemporary research on scale up & scale out.

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