Healthy Canada: Financial Models and Fiscal Incentives in Health and Health Care

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Healthy Canada: Financial Models and Fiscal Incentives in Health and Health CareDec 1, 2015 Toronto

Featuring IHPME’s Dr. Gregory P. Marchildon at 9:00am:

Plenary Session 2
Bending the Cost Curve in Canadian Health Care

Expenditure growth on public health care in Canada appears to be slowing. What’s unclear however is whether this slowdown is the result of the provinces success in sustainably bending the cost curve, or more short-term cost-cutting in response to slower economic growth or future federal health transfers.

In his presentation, Greg Marchildon will discuss how although efficiencies and better value for money need to emerge, fundamental reforms to the management and delivery of health services are also required, even if there is considerable controversy over the direction and details of the changes needed. The basis for this presentation comes from Bending the Cost Curve in Health Care: Canada’s Provinces in International Perspective, a book he co-edited with Dr. Livio Di Matteo.

Speaker: Dr. Gregory P. Marchildon – Professor and Ontario Research Chair in Health Policy and System Design Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation, University of Toronto

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This conference is the first in the Healthy Canada series of three events that tackle the cost drivers of the health care system.

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