Masterclass in Implementing Integrated Care

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February 10, 2020

In Ontario and Canada, health care providers are coming together to plan and implement integrated care solutions for their local communities. This masterclass is designed to help you to make your plan a reality. This class will provide you with answers to the following questions:

  • How can you better understand and meet the needs of patients and caregivers?
  • How can patient and caregivers needs be met by providers and managers?
  • How can organizations support local implementation by collaborating across organizations?
  • How can you scale and spread your initiatives?
  • How can you evaluate the implementation and success of your program?

What is the masterclass?

The full day programme will provide a hands-on interactive learning opportunity for leaders, managers and provider working with patients and caregivers to apply lessons from local and international examples of successful integrated care programs.

Who Should Come?

The master class will be relevant and useful to organizational leaders, providers, individual patients and caregivers as well as policy-makers seeking to implement and evaluate models of integrated care.

Group and Patient/Carer Discounts

We offer a number of group and patient/carer discount options. If you register with 5 or more attendees, you may choose EITHER to send one patient or caregiver to the Masterclass at no cost OR you will receive a 15% discount on the full cost of registrations for your group. View the Fees and Registration page for further details.

Our iCoaches

Walter Wodchis, Ross Baker, Jodeme Goldar, Anne Wotjak, Jay Shaw, Carolyn Steele Gray, Kerry Kuluski

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