Pakula Public Lecture Series: Professor Chandler Davis

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Dr. Zofia Pakula Public Lecture Series featuring Professor Chandler Davis

The third Dr. Zofia Pakula Public Lecture Series will feature Professor Chandler Davis at 5:00 p.m. on April 27, 2015 in the Music Room at Hart House.

The Pakula Lecture Series is dedicated to the belief that war is anathema to well-being. It celebrates lively discussion on global public health, human rights and the complex, multidimensional interrelationships of health and war and health and peace in an effort to “Wage Peace.” It is sponsored by a generous endowment by Dr. Pakula’s son, Andrew, in memory of his mother, a courageous Holocaust survivor and a compassionate physician.

The Pakula Lecture Series is hosted by the Institute for Global Health Equity and Innovation (IGHEI), which is housed in the Dalla Lana School of Public Health. As part of its “Safe Spaces” initiative, IGHEI is committed to providing a safe space to ask “unaskable” questions and encourage discussion on “taboo” subjects, underscoring the belief that there must be a place in the academy for respectful free speech, differences in opinion and robust dialogue.

Chandler Davis, a mathematician, educator and self-identified socialist will give a talk, Choosing our Future, about his experience in standing up for his belief in his First Amendment right to free speech, even though the consequences of his actions led to his being fired from his academic position at the University of Michigan and imprisoned for his political actions. Professor Davis will also discuss his current efforts with Science for Peace.

The event is open to the U of T community.  Registration is complimentary. Food and refreshments will be provided following the lecture.

Please RSVP here before April 21, 2015:

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