HSSPR 2023-2024

Promoting the Health of Workers and Older Adults in Long-Term Care Homes Through Nature and Strategic Decision-Making

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Peggy Chi and Sarah Hunter

Abstract:  This seminar will be presented in two parts. The first part of the presentation will highlight the relationships between the natural environment (e.g., vegetation, daylight, fresh air, sky, water, weather, and animals) and outcomes in long-term care homes, focusing on a recent mixed method investigation on the mental health and well-being of professional caregivers and the older adults they care for. The outcomes that will be discussed include work-related stress, burnout, and turnover intention, and responsive behavior. Practical implications derived from this study will present opportunities for future research and potential interventions to include in the development and renovations of long-term care homes. The second part of the presentation will highlight some of the factors that influence building delivery team decision-making in architectural design projects, and will begin to discuss why such factors might facilitate or restrict health promotion, including that of long-term care workers and residents, through building design.

While risk aversion in the design of long-term care homes aims to reduce harm, is it promoting health? How might building delivery be enhanced to promote the positive health of long-term care homes for workers, older adults, and the broader community?

Speaker 1: Dr. Peggy Chi, PhD, MLA, CSLA, OALA | Landscape architect and Postdoctoral Fellow at IHPME

Speaker 2: Sarah Hunter, M.Arch, B.A.S | PhD student at IHPME

Sarah Hunter is a PhD student at University of Toronto, studying Health Services Research with an emphasis in Organization and Management Studies. Sarah has: training in architectural design (B.A.S., M.Arch); professional experience in, and extensive exposure to, building delivery practice; professional experience as an architectural visualization (business-to-business) service-provider within the ‘Architecture Engineering and Construction’ industry; and, interests and some professional experience across a range of design scales (including in technology/product design, installation art, interior design, urban design; and, master/urban and infrastructure planning). Sarah is committed to understanding building-delivery-team strategic decision-making in architectural design projects, with the intent of enhancing practice, in order to promote the positive health of end-users of buildings and public space.

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