Successfully Navigating Conflict in Professional and Academic Spaces: A Workshop

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Successfully Navigating Conflict in Professional and Academic Spaces: A WorkshopPuzzle pieces on a blue background with a banner reading Successfully Navigating Conflict in Professional and Academic Spaces, March 13, 2019

For many students, the workplace includes many social interactions that have the potential to create significant anxiety and/or blow up and undermine desired outcomes (e.g., addressing performance problems, dealing with the failure of others to deliver on their promises, explaining why you can’t follow through on a promise of your own).

This workshop will help IHPME graduate students understand what conflict is, various approaches to conflict, triggers for conflict escalation and the role of effective communication and negotiation in conflict resolution. Students will have an opportunity to practice various strategies for resolving and de-escalating conflict. This interactive session is designed to offer practical tools, approaches and frameworks for effectively handling those difficult conversations and reducing the anxiety associated with them in the process. It will draw on research related to the psychology of negotiations, perspective-taking, and the self.

The workshop will be facilitated by Surjeet Rai-Lewis. Surjeet brings over 25 years experience to her role as an organization development specialist. As Chief Creative Officer and President, she has consulted internally and externally in both the private and public sectors and for the last 10 years a special emphasis on healthcare. Her expertise is in culture alignment – ensuring the strategy and values of the organization are integrated through its people processes and policies. Surjeet has a proven track record in facilitating strategic initiatives that ensure the alignment of culture for positive business impact. In addition, as an accredited coach, she has successfully provided team coaching, peer coaching, and individual coaching to emerging and experienced leaders in order to increase productivity through employee engagement.

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Attendees are asked to prepare examples of conflict they may experiencing. Please ensure that these examples do not divulge identities, but rather generalize the information.

Participants are asked to submit their anonymized examples of conflict via the following form:

This will make session more tailored to the participants.

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