HSSPR 2023-2024

Developing Supportive Physical Environments for People Living with Dementia in Long-Term Care Settings

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Habib Chaudhury

Abstract: The physical environment is considered an important contributor to psychosocial, behavioural, and health outcomes for of people with dementia in institutional care settings. In unsupportive settings, the condition of dementia can create challenges in environmental cognition and comprehension, resulting in challenges in orientation and wayfinding, daily activities, anxiety, social withdrawal, lack of engagement in activities. Additionally, heightened sensitivity to environmental stimulation contributes to potential negative outcomes. Conversely, responsive physical environment in a care home can serve as a therapeutic resource for persons with dementia and caregivers. This presentation will highlight salient design principles that can guide planning and design of the physical environment in long-term care settings to optimize the quality of life for residents with dementia and support staff care practices.

Speaker: Habib Chaudhury, PhD | Chair and Professor in the Department of Gerontology at the Simon Fraser University 

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