Abbas Zavar

Faculty Member

Abbas Zavar is a physician fascinated by digital health with a demonstrated history of working in various capacities in medical and health information technology for over two decades. Proficient in medicine (prevention), digital health consulting, clinical decision support system (CDSS) design, clinical data sciences, clinical business intelligence (BI) solution design, and program management.

He holds a Doctorate of Medicine, a Master in Public Health (MPH) and a Master’s in Health Informatics (MHI) from the University of Toronto.

He has five prominent roles now:

•Adjunct faculty in the Master’s in Health Informatics program at UofT to improve the clinical data sciences knowledge of MHI|EMHI students;

•Program analyst in OntarioMD to design and develop clinical business intelligence solutions and approaches to improve physicians’ clinical workflow to recede burnout;

•Digital health consultant, particularly in

oclinical data science/analysis, specifically on transforming clinical data (i.e., EMR) to clinical insights for clinicians,

oclinical decision support system (CDSS) and clinical business intelligence (BI) solution design;

•Researcher and strong believer in Precision Medicine (PM) approach whose research interests are focused on identifying all PM features and potential challenges to design and implement a ‘Precision Medicine Ecosystem’ to provide the right clinical intervention (diagnosis, prevention, and treatment) to the right person (patient) at the right time.

•Mentor who supports International Medical Graduates (IMGs) and Internationally Educated Health Professionals (IEHPs) who want to start their alternative pathway in the Canadian digital health sector.