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Abi Sriharan

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Dr. Abi Sriharan is a management scholar with expertise in digital innovations and their impact on organizational culture and work environments. Trained at Oxford, she is currently the Scientific Director of the Krembil Centre for Health Management and Leadership at the Schulich School of Business. Dr. Sriharan’s research focuses on how crises drive innovation, reshape power dynamics, and influence well-being and performance within organizations. Her work also delves into the transformative effects of artificial intelligence on the workforce and human-machine interactions, particularly in high-stress sectors like healthcare. Supported by grants from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), her research is designed to inform policy and programmatic decisions. Dr. Sriharan teaches courses on innovation and organizational transformation in business and healthcare management and has extensive consulting experience with organizations like the World Health Organization and various health ministries globally. Her career includes senior roles in medical schools and hospitals in the US and Canada. Dr. Sriharan’s contributions have been recognized with awards such as the Connaught Global Scholar Award, the Vice Chancellor’s Civic Award from the University of Oxford, and the Innovation Award from the Global Alliance of Medical Education. She has been a visiting scholar at institutions like Harvard University and the University of Oxford and is frequently sought after for her expertise by media and at key industry events.


Transforming Healthcare Organization with AI and Technology Innovation

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