Allie Peckham

Faculty Member

Other Affiliations

Assistant Professor
Arizona State University
Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation

Research Associate
North American Observatory on Health Systems and Policies

Dr. Peckham is a social worker in the field of aging with post-doctoral training in comparative health policy, an Assistant Professor in the Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation at Arizona State University, and a research associate at the North American Observatory on Health Systems and Policies. She leads actionable research to guide enhanced care coordination and integration of health and social care services for older adults and vulnerable populations. Dr. Peckham uses co-design and integrated knowledge translational approaches where people with lived experience (patients, caregivers, care providers, decision makers) are actively involved in my research. Ultimately, Dr. Peckham’s research seeks to identify lessons learned and best practices to effectively support collaboration across the healthcare system and promote effective health system (re)design.

Dr. Peckham brings extensive experience in conducting research with older adults and their caregivers, decision-makers, and providers. She have vast experience engaging caregivers and individuals diagnosed with ADRD clinically as we as through research processes. She has expertise and an appetite for advancing several qualitative research methods that incorporate various methodologies (case study and phenomenology) and data types (grey and academic literature, focus groups, interviews, observation, as well as programmatic, survey, and administrative data).