Andrea S. Gershon

Faculty Member

Accepting Students

Dr Andrea Gershon is a Respirologist and Senior Scientist at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, University of Toronto and ICES. She is a well published CIHR-funded researcher as well as the COPD Associate Editor of the high impact journal CHEST.

Dr. Gershon’s award winning research and knowledge translation program uses ‘Big Data’ to learn from the real-world experiences of people living with lung disease with a focus on vulnerable groups. Her clinical studies evaluate the use of remote monitoring and wearables in people with respiratory disease. She is currently leading a national, multicentre study on the respiratory effects of long COVID.

Dr. Gershon has published numerous high impact peer-reviewed articles. She has been an invited speaker at international meetings, universities, and medical centres worldwide. Her work is used by government and non-profit organizations to inform local and international guidelines and policy.

Dr. Gershon enjoys working with junior faculty, postgraduate fellows, graduate candidates, and other students at all levels of training. She loves supporting these upcoming leaders, researchers and clinicians who are the future of discovery and innovation to improve respiratory health worldwide.