Andrea Tricco

Faculty Member

My research program focuses on advancing the science of knowledge synthesis. My Canada Research Chair focuses on advancing methods and includes projects, such as extending the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic reviews and Meta-Analysis (PRISMA) Statement to scoping, a prospective quasi-experimental study to compare the results from rapid reviews and systematic reviews on the same topic, and individual patient data network meta-analysis. My research program also focuses on responding to the needs of decision-makers through knowledge synthesis. I have conducted knowledge synthesis at the international (World Health Organization), national (Health Canada), provincial (Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-term Care), and local (Toronto Central Local Health Integrated Network) levels.

My research has impacted clinical care and policy-making nationally and internationally. Examples include the following knowledge synthesis projects that I led:

1) Anti-endovascular epithelial growth inhibitors: used by the Canadian Drug Expert Committee to provide recommendations on the use of these agents in Canada, estimated saving $100 million per year for the Ontario government alone

2) Quality improvement strategies for diabetes: used by Canadian Diabetes Association guideline developers and Alberta Health Services Strategic Clinical Network policy-makers

3) Cognitive enhancers for mild cognitive impairment: used in the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons certification exam and Canadian Task Force on Preventive Healthcare guidelines on screening for cognitive impairment in older adults

4) Models to reduce litigation in obstetrics: informed policy implementation by the South African government to reduce litigation damages at risk for bankrupting their system