Beverley Catharine Craven

Faculty Member


Dr. Craven is a Clinician Scientist appointed as an Associate Professor in the Department of Medicine, Division of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the University of Toronto. Dr. Craven is a Senior Scientist within the Neural Engineering and Therapeutics Team at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, and the Medical Lead of the Spinal Cord Rehabilitation Program at the Toronto Rehab’s Lyndhurst Centre within the University Health Network.

Dr. Craven’s work has been in providing outpatient services to patients with spinal cord injury in the community for over 19 years and is well acquainted with the physical, social and emotional barriers to health after spinal cord injury. Dr. Craven’s clinical and research expertise is in the prevention and treatment of secondary health conditions among individuals living with spinal cord injury and their related health service needs. Her recent work has focused on the associations between changes in body composition and multimorbidity among individuals with chronic spinal cord injury. Dr. Craven led the design, implementation and publication of the Rick Hansen Institute sponsored scoping review and atlas of rehabilitation services in Canada, entitled the E-scan Atlas “Capturing Capacity in Canadian SCI Rehabilitation.” Dr. Craven co-leads the SCI-HIGH project aimed at developing structure, process, and outcome indicators to advance SCI rehabilitation in Canada by 2020. Dr. Craven has published over 135 articles on related topics.