David Kirsch

Faculty Member

Dr. Kirsch is an innovative agent of change with extensive academic and business experience. His areas of expertise include health policy, health informatics, informatics, big data, health technology assessment, strategic planning, policy, business transformation, case management, program/project management, enterprise architecture, research, program delivery, problem resolution, program evaluation, eGovernment, health, eHealth, security, risk mitigation, assurance, accountability, and governance.

He has taught undergraduate/graduate courses in Decision Making and Decision Support Systems in Health, Health Technology Assessment, Research Methods, Healthcare Leadership, Big Data in Healthcare and Information Systems, Services and Design. As a trusted expert, advisor, strategist, technologist, leader and agent of change, he has helped shape the strategy and direction of governments, agencies, banks, hospitals, private enterprises, and entrepreneurs in Canada and abroad. He has had leading roles in strategy, planning, design, modeling, infrastructure, implementation, operation and assurance in healthcare, finance, policing, taxation and other mission critical systems valued up to $750 million.

He has helped develop heath policy, directed portions of the Integrated Public Health Information System, assessed Ontario’s healthcare programs, guided syndromic surveillance, assisted in pandemic planning, computerized doctors’ offices, and developed strategies for information and communications in developed and least developed countries and for connecting labs, hospitals, doctors’ offices and other healthcare providers.

Dr. Kirsch has extensive experience as a management consultant in information and communications technology, enterprise architecture, planning, strategy, evaluation, accountability and governance. He has an excellent ability to blend academic excellence with business needs and is committed to improving program effectiveness through sensibly applied accountability, technologies, and governance.

Dr. Kirsch believes that accountability is about informing, judging and sanctioning, and that without the appropriate type, quality and amount of information, there cannot be accountability. His scholarly writings include papers and/or book chapters on Infectious Disease Surveillance, Approaches to Accountability, Accountability in Children’s Development Organizations, Reducing Costs Through Greater Accountability, and Accountability in “Do Good” Organizations.