Dora Akinyi Mugambi

Faculty Member

Research Interests

  • AI Enabled Healthcare
  • Digital health in ethnically diverse, under resourced global populations

Professional Interests

I am a marketing strategist who enables innovative health products to successfully get to market. Leveraging clinical and market research insights, I contribute to solving healthcare professionals’  problems of delivering effective digital or conventional healthcare solutions to patients. I have a particular interest in integration of health technologies into patient care and translating scientific knowledge into simpler, comprehensible formats.


I have leveraged my knowledge of the pharmaceutical/ Medical Devices and digital health technology product development process, clinical  research and marketing  strategy to launch several R & D medical products in Canadian and international markets. These products have had an impact in changing the lives of millions of patients suffering from chronic and rare conditions in  multiple therapeutic areas from malaria and infectious diseases to HIV, oncology, respirology, gastroenterology, diabetes, ophthalmology and rare diseases. I am humbled yet proud to be a part of the teams of dedicated scientists and business professionals improving the lives of millions of patients worldwide.

I managed the Communication, Engagement and Social Mobilization project for the Rotary International/ WHO/ UNICEF led extended program on immunization to eradicate polio from Kenya. At a time when scepticism and conspiracy theories about vaccinating children with an extra dose abounded, my team strategically engaged with a significant number of stakeholders from local community leaders, women’s welfare groups, multi-ethnic media influencers, religious leaders, mothers’ groups and private sector sponsors, to dispel myths and garner support for successful rounds of targeted immunization nationally. This momentum was sustained for multiple years, enabling  final eradication of the wild polio virus from the region.

Presently, I am a member of Trillium Health Partner’s Research Ethics Board, contributing to patient safety by ensuring Canadian research and innovation is conducted using scientifically sound methodologies that adhere to international regulatory standards.  In addition, I am currently involved in  a research project aimed at delivering an AI enabled diabetes prevention program in Canada. In addition, I am simultaneously working on a project to investigate health and other impacts of antiBlack racism  in Canadian workplaces.

Further, in translating my vision to improve healthcare for all, I have been a member of the standing committee of Peer Reviewers for the with Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR) and reviewed over 800 research proposals and business cases from qualified innovators, mostly based in the global south, some collaborating with Canadian innovators to  deliver healthcare solutions with a bold impact. These innovators have often scaled up their pilot projects to deliver disruptive  mobile or digital health integrated solutions  at relatively affordable rates.

I am proud to have mentored a team of medical specialists to successfully win project funding and implement their pilot project  in Kenya, resulting in developing a first HIV-Linked Cancer registry, and increasing awareness of  the disease’s impact, thus attracting multiple stakeholder support including policy makers, healthcare professionals and the private sector. This  resulted in increased budget and policy support for the otherwise under resourced area of Cancer management.

Other Affiliations

Clinical Diversity Director, Impact Healthcare Consulting Inc., KnowRare, Ryerson University