Garry Aslanyan

Garry Aslanyan

Faculty Member

Dr Garry Aslanyan is an Adjunct Professor with a background in dentistry, public health, research/innovation management, health policy/systems as well as global health diplomacy. Over her career, Dr Aslanyan has taken on various roles that allowed him to lead various organizational and technical innovations and is a recognized leader in global public health. As well as holding senior executive positions within Canada’s federal government and as the past President of the Ontario Public Health Association, Dr Garry Aslanyan has experiences living and working across the world including in Brazil, South Africa, Armenia, Barbados and Vietnam

He is the Manager of Partnerships and Governance, Dr Garry Aslanyan is responsible for TDR’s wide range of engagements with global health stakeholders, including mobilizing programme resources and TDR’s governing bodies. TDR has a unique relationship with co-sponsors: UNICEF, World Bank, UNDP and WHO. This includes applying research evidence in global health programming of the co-sponsors and collaborating with six regional WHO offices which is overseen by Dr Aslanyan, including the highly successful impact grants tackling public health challenges in those regions. In addition, Dr Aslanyan is the Head of the ESSENCE on Health Research Secretariat that provides support to its Steering Committee and funding agencies which are members of ESSENCE to move forward on various activities.

Garry is also the host of the highly popular Global Health Matters podcast and leads its production team.

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Guided by an implementation science approach and equity-focused framework, this toolkit identifies principles and develops guidance for vaccine delivery in low and middle income countries, working towards improved public confidence and greater equity in COVID-19 vaccination.