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Peter C. Coyte

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HSR Lead – Health Economics

Dr. Coyte is a national and international expert in the areas of health economics, health services evaluation, and health policy and planning. His studies have included the measurement of regional variations in health service utilization, evaluations of the cost-effective provision of health care services, and assessments of health service finance, organization, and delivery.

Dr. Coyte was awarded a CHSRF/CIHR Health Services Chair in 2000 for a ten-year period and he was the Director of CIHR’s Strategic Research and Training Program in Health Care, Technology, and Place for two terms from 2002 to 2015. In these and his on-going roles, Dr. Coyte cultivates mentoring networks for junior researchers and senior faculty, and fosters knowledge translation relationships with government, industry, and health care stakeholders.

In 2002, Dr. Coyte was elected President of the Canadian Health Economics Research Association. He was instrumental in championing the evolution of that organization to form the Canadian Association for Health Services and Policy Research (CAHSPR), a multi-disciplinary membership-based association dedicated to improving the quality, relevance, and application of health services and policy research for both inter-disciplinary researchers as well as for users of research. He was elected as the inaugural President of CAHSPR in 2003 and was the Association’s Past President between 2005 and 2007.

In recognition of his significant career contributions to the advancement of health services research in Canada, Dr. Coyte was awarded the 2010 Health Services Research Advancement Award by the Canadian Health Services Research Foundation.


Economic Evaluation Methods for Health Services Research

Course Details

Donna Plett

PhD Graduate Student

Thesis: Mental health and the life course: a health economics analysis of the relationship between adolescent mental health, human capital accumulation, and socioeconomic outcomes in adulthood

Supervisors: Peter C. Coyte

Guan Wang

PhD Graduate Student

Thesis: Impact of NCDs on working productivity and income

Supervisors: Peter C. Coyte

Validating an Occupational Therapist’s Assessment in a Pre-Diagnostic Clinic: A Strategy to Improve Access to Arthritis Care

Published: 2006

The Economic Burden of Osteoarthritis in Ontario: A Patient’s Perspective.

Published: 2003