Mrigank Shail

Faculty Member

Accepting Students

Dr. Mrigank Shail is an accomplished medical researcher, writer, and strategic content creator with a passion for global public health and strategic communications. Dr. Shail earned his Medical Doctorate (MD) with Honours from Xavier University School of Medicine. He has pursued Continued Medical Education courses at institutions such as Harvard University and the Yale Institute for Global Health. Dr. Shail has acquired valuable experience in a range of medical fields, including neurosurgery, addiction and mental health, strategic health communications, and medical content development. Currently, he serves as a Strategic Communications Consultant at the World Health Organization (WHO) in the Department of Communications.

Research Interests: Dr. Shail’s research interests focus on exploring data-driven strategies to develop effective social media communication campaigns, establish an expert online presence, and promote health messages to target audiences. As a teacher, he helps students navigate credible web and social media information, identify and combat misinformation and disinformation using various trends and metrics, and create and amplify customized digital content. Dr. Shail emphasizes the importance of data analysis, visualization, and social media metrics in achieving these goals and works towards equipping his students with the necessary tools to become reliable sources of credible information for their followers. Through collaboration with WHO teams headquartered in Geneva, his students learn to promote health messages and create positive social impact.