Stephen Verderber

Faculty Member

Research Interests

Interdisciplinary specialist in the emerging field of evidence-based research and design as pertaining to the intersection between architectural and landscape therapeutics, public health, and society. Interest in vernacular built environments from the perspective of imagery, symbolism, socio-cultural meaning, and community health. Background and interest in the history and theory of the hospital and associated healthcare building typologies. Prognosticator of trends that will shape the 2050 hospital. Interest and strong track record in serving the needs of medically underserved populations globally through the intervention of architecture in the service of human dignity, biodiversity, health-promotion, built environment resiliency, and social equity.

Professional Interests

Architecture, landscape architecture, vernacular architecture and corresponding built environments, evidence-based research and design for human health, global health, social and health equity, environmental psychology and its intersections with community public health and built form, and climate change and its myriad ramifications for human well being and interactions with the built environment, with particular focus on burgeoning global cities.


Author of seven well-received books on the topic of architecture, health, and society, and author/co-author of more than ninety peer-reviewed scholarly publications. His most recent book is Innovations in Transportable Healthcare Architecture (London: Routledge, 2015). His first book, Healthcare Architecture in an Era of Radical Transformation (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2000), has become a standard text. Principal investigator of numerous externally sponsored research projects and technical reports, and a presenter at dozens of North American and global conferences. The holder of one of only two North American faculty cross appointments between a University-based Architecture Faculty, and a School of Public Health. Keynote speaker at numerous international conferences on healthcare architecture, environmental design research, educational pedagogy, and health systems management. Recognized as a leading international specialist in healthcare architecture, built therapeutic environments, and evidence-based research and design for human health and well-being. Dr. Verderber has received numerous North American awards for his innovative approaches to teaching, research, and for his publications.