Zhong-Cheng Luo

Faculty Member

Professional Interests

I am interested in birth cohort studies on gestational diabetes, adverse fetal growth (poor or excessive) to understand their aetiology,  causal mechanisms, the impacts on metabolic health in the offspring and how to prevent such adverse developmental “programming” impacts.  I am passionate in participatory research with Indigenous community partners on the causes of poor maternal and infant health, and how to improve Indigenous maternal and infant health.


I have led the completion of several CIHR-funded research projects on patterns, determinants, and consequences of fetal and postnatal growth patterns, and developmental origins of the metabolic syndrome related disorders. The study findings have been published in prestigious peer-reviewed journals (e.g. Diabetes Care), and have contributed to a better understanding on the factors influencing early life metabolic health and the possible mechanisms.

I have completed severe CIHR-funded projects on Indigenous birth outcomes and infant health. The findings have contributed important new knowledge on Indigenous infant health in Canada, and the publications have received significant public interest and media coverage. The main findings have been distributed to Indigenous communities through community reports and website reports, and have been used by Indigenous governmental stakeholders in review and deliberations of Indigenous maternal and infant health issues in Canada.