Aviv Shachak

PhD (Bar-Ilan University, Israel)
MSc (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel)

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Professional Interests

My research and teaching is mainly in the area of health informatics. It seeks to improve usage and help realizing the potential benefits of information systems, especially in health care and biomedicine. This includes the study, design, and evaluation of educational interventions, tutorials and user manuals, user interfaces, and end-user support.


1) My work on the effect of electronic medical records on patient-physician communication has informed the development and implementation of simulation-based training interventions at MSR- Israel Center for Medical Simulation and Holland-Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital outpatient clinics.

2) The article I co-authored with Mor Peleg, Dongwen Wang and Eddy Karnieli on the design of a computerized decision support system for diabetic foot complications was selected by the International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA) 2010 Yearbook of Medical Informatics as one of the best papers in the field published in 2009.

3) In the past years I have introduced a variety of teaching methods to promote active learning and student engagement including a Wiki to facilitate collaborative learning and Inverted (flipped) classes.



Additional Recent Publications

Shachak, A., & Reis, A. (2010). The computer-assisted patient consultation: Promises and challenges. In S. Kabane (Ed.), Healthcare and the effect of technology. Hershey, PA: IGI Global.

Shachak, A., & Fine, S. (2008). The effect of training on biologists' acceptance of bioinformatics tools: A field experiment. Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, 59(5), 719-730.

Bar-Ilan, J., Shoham, S., Idan, A., Miller, I., & Shachak, A. (2008). Structured vs. unstructured tagging: A case study. Online Information Review, 32(5), 635-647.

Conference Proceedings

Shachak, A., Domb, S., Reis, S., Borycki, E., Kushniruk, A., & Ziv, A. (2013, April 28). Computer-Based Simulation for Enhancing Patient-Clinician Communication in Computerized Settings. Paper presented at the CHI 2013 Workshop on Patient-Clinician Communication: The Roadmap for Human-Computer Interaction, Paris, France.  http://care.cs.columbia.edu/chi2013health/CRPapers/Shachak.pdf

Dow, R., Montgomery, C., Barnsley, J., Tu, K., Jadad, A. R., Lemieux-Charles, L., & Shachack, A. (2012, April 25-27). Preliminary findings from a multiple case study exploring the links between end-user support and electronic medical record success Paper presented at the Advances in Health Informatics Conference (AHIC), Toronto, Canada.

O'Grady, L., Betel, L., & Shachack, A. (2010, February 6-10). Sensemaking and credibility of health information in online message forums: a multi-method study assessing tagging and tag clouds. Paper presented at the CSCW reasearch in healthcare: past present and future workshop, ACM Conference on Computer Supported Collaborative Work (CSCW), Savannah, Georgia.  http://sites.google.com/site/cscwinhc/accepted/O%27Grady_CSCW10.doc?attredirects=0

Peleg, M., Shachack, A., Wang, D., Sender, H., Shenhav, S., & Karnieli, E. (2007, June 7). Using multi-perspective methodologies to study user interactions with the front-end of a guideline-based decision-support system for diabetic-foot care Paper presented at the Human factors Engineering in Health Informatics, Aarhus, Denmark.

Shachack, A., Hadas-Dayagi, M., Ziv, A., & Reis, S. (2007, June 7). A cognitive task analysis of primary care physicians’ use of electronic medical records: implications for design. Paper presented at the Human factors Engineering in Health Informatics (HFE2007), Aarhus, Denmark.

Shachack, A., Ziv, A., & Reis, S. (2006, October 16). Physicians use of electronic medical records: a cognitive task analysis. Paper presented at the Israel Association for Information Systems (ILAIS) Conference, Haifa, Israel. http://ilais.openu.ac.il/perm/wp/wp-content/uploads/2006/10/Shachak-Ziv-Reis-ILAIS2006.pdf

Bar-Ilan, J., Shoham, S., Idan, A., Miller, Y., & Shachack, A. (2006, May 23-26). Structured vs. unstructured tagging – a case study. Paper presented at the Collaborative Web Tagging Workshop, 15th International World Wide Web Conference, Edinbourgh, Scotland.