IHPME Requirements to be a Supervisor

Supervisors and co-supervisors must have 1) an active tenure-track or status IHPME appointment and 2) an active appointment at the appropriate SGS membership level:

  • MSc supervisors* must be an Associate (without restrictions) or Full SGS member
  • PhD supervisors** must be a Full SGS member (faculty with an Associate SGS membership can be a co-supervisor if the other is a Full member)
  • Emeritus members (with the approval of the relevant Program Director) can supervise MSc and PhD students.

*Note that all faculty newly hired to IHPME, or who have not had prior experience as IHPME thesis supervisors or committee members (regardless of career stage or prior supervisory experience outside of IHPME) require additional support for a minimum of their first IHPME MSc student. The IHPME Supervisor Guidelines PDF on SharePoint provides further details.

**PhD supervisors must also have prior IHPME committee or supervisory experience.  The IHPME Supervisor Guidelines PDF on SharePoint provide further details.

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