Neil Seeman

Senior Fellow

Accepting Students

Senior Fellow & Adjunct Professor

Research Interests: Mental Health Stigma, Global Public Health, Mental Health in the Workplace, Youth Mental Health, Big Data in Healthcare, Predictive Analytics, Global Survey Research, Mental Health for Entrepreneurs and Change Makers, Data Inclusivity, Internet Usage Trends and AI, Countering Violent Extremism, Online Misinformation and Disinformation, Investigative Journalism in Public Health

Other Affiliations:
Fellow, The Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences
Senior Fellow, Massey College
Senior Academic Advisor, Investigative Journalism Bureau
Author, Sutherland House Books
Essayist, Nikkei Asia and Healthcare Quarterly
Contributor, Toronto Star, Financial Post & Globe and Mail
Founder and Board Director, RIWI
Affiliated Faculty, Centre for Global Health
Knowledge Translation Advisor, HIVE Lab
Advisor, PredictNow.AI

Founder and Executive Director, Health Strategy Innovation Cell
Founder of RIWI (“Real-Time Interactive Worldwide Intelligence”)                              
Provided the machine-learning data feeds for the following public health impact initiatives:

Generation Distress. Youth Mental Health – Torstar, in partnership with the Investigative Journalism Bureau, Dalla Lana School of Public Health. November, December (2020).

Investigative Journalism Bureau Interview (2021):

Poe, C.A., Frappier, K., Wishah, I., Migration Pulse: Nigeria. UN World Food Programme. United Nations. September (2019).

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Roder-DeWan, S., Gage, A., Hirschhorn, L.R., Twum-Danso, N.A.Y., Lijestrand, J., Asante-Shongwe, K., et al. Level of confidence in and endorsement of the health system among internet users in 12 low-income and middle-income countries. British Medical Journal – Global Health 5:e002205. (2020).

Hoy, C., Mager, F.: American exceptionalism? Differences in the elasticity of preferences for redistribution between the United States and Western Europe. Society for the Study of Economic Inequality. March.  (2020).

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UN Women: Rapid Assessment: The Effects of COVID-19 on Violence Against Women and Gendered Social Norms. UN Women Regional Office for the Arab States. United Nations. August (2020).

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Mellon, J., Tiago, P., Sjoberg, F.M., Varun, G.: Trickle down tax morale: A cross-country survey experiment. Policy Research Working Paper; No. 9507. World Bank, Washington, DC. World Bank. (2021).

Select Articles:

World survey of mental illness stigma. N Seeman, S Tang, AD Brown, A Ing. Journal of Affective Disorders 190, 115-121,183. 2016

Alzheimer’s disease: β‐amyloid plaque formation in human brain P Seeman, N Seeman Synapse 65 (12), 1289-1297,108. 2011

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Assessing and responding in real time to online anti-vaccine sentiment during a flu pandemic. N Seeman, C Rizo Healthcare Quarterly 13, 8-15,88. 2010

Hospital policies on life-sustaining treatments and advance directives in Canada. I Rasooly, JV Lavery, S Urowitz, S Choudhry, N Seeman, EM Meslin. Canadian Medical Association Journal 150 (8), 1265: 32. 1994

Acute care hospital strategic priorities: perceptions of challenges, control, competition and collaboration in Ontario’s evolving healthcare system. AD Brown, LM Alikhan, GA Sandoval, N Seeman, GR Baker, GH Pink. Healthcare Quarterly 8 (3), 36-47, 28. 2005

The meaning of antipsychotic medication to patients with schizophrenia. MV Seeman, N Seeman. Journal of Psychiatric Practice 18 (5), 338-348, 24. 2012

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Use data to challenge mental-health stigma. N Seeman Nature 528 (7582), 309-309, 18. 2015

Suicide Risk Factors in US College Students: Perceptions Differ in Men and Women. N Seeman, DK Reilly, S Fogler Suicidology Online 8, 16. 2017

Crossing the strategic synapse: Aligning hospital strategy with shared system priorities in Ontario, Canada. AD Brown, LM Alikhan, NL Seeman Health Care Management Review 31 (1), 34-44. 2006

Why Entrepreneurship is Entrepreneurship. Neil Seeman, Ivey Business Journal July/August 2023.

Awards and Honours:

  • Listed, Canadian Who’s Who (University of Toronto Press, 2002-present)
  • Donner book prize finalist award, XXL: Obesity and the Limits of Shame (University of Toronto Press, 2012)
  • 2012 Association of American University Presses “Outstanding” Designation
  • 2013 IIeX Philadelphia, Winner of Most Innovative Data Firm
  • 2014 NGMR Data Disruptor Award (awarded in Boca Raton, Florida)
  • 2019 Battle of the Quants, “Rising Star Award” (awarded in New York City)
  • 2021 Finalist, Sternfels Prize for Drug Safety Discoveries
  • 2022 Inducted as a Lifetime Fellow, The Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences