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Accepting Students

COVID-19 has launched our community of practice into a new reality of digital care.

The pandemic has revealed the urgency of virtual interventions to minimize interruptions and comprised access to care. Now more than ever, these solutions are essential to accessing health services and optimizing their delivery. In clinical genetics, significant wait times and workforce shortages create barriers to timely diagnosis that can end long diagnostic odysseys for patients looking for answers. Patient portals improve medication adherence, preventative care, and clinical outcomes. But there is no platform that facilitates a patient’s entire genetic testing journey – from consent, education, counseling, test results, management to follow-up. The Genetics Navigator is the first and only digital application to deliver the full spectrum of clinical genetic services. The Genetics Navigator can improve access, reduce wait times and administrative burdens that increase efficiencies, allowing doctors to focus on the people that matter most – the patient.

Accepting Students

Each year, I admit MSc and PhD students for interdisciplinary research investigating the impacts of adopting new genomic technologies in clinical care.

This research calls on the following methods: qualitative interviewing, surveys, clinical trials, behavioural and psychological outcomes, health technology assessment, health economics, patient engagement, deliberative democracy, mixed methods analysis. Please see for more information.

Lead Faculty

Yvonne Bombard

Accepting Students