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Pan-Canadian Study of Psychiatric Care

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The Canadian population has poor and inequitable access to psychiatric care despite a steady per-capita supply of psychiatrists in most provinces. There is some quantitative evidence that practice style and characteristics vary substantially among psychiatrists. However, how this compares across jurisdictions and implications for workforce planning require further study. A qualitative exploration of psychiatrists’ preferences for practice style and the practice choices that result is also lacking.

The goal of this study is to inform psychiatrist workforce planning to improve access to psychiatric care by:

  1. Developing and evaluating comparable indicators of supply of psychiatric care across provinces,
  2. Analysing variations and changes in the characteristics of the psychiatrist workforce, including demographics and practice style, and
  3. Studying psychiatrist practice choices and intentions, and the factors that lead to these choices.

Accepting Students

Masters and PhD dissertation work available.

Lead Faculty

David Rudoler

Accepting Students