Senior Woman Sitting In Chair And Laughing With Nurse In Retirement Home

Social Connection in Long-term Care Home Residents (SONNET) Study


Social connection in long-term care home residents (called SONNET Study) was created to improve measurement of this person-centred outcome by evaluating existing measures and develop a new validated measurement approach.

The findings of the Sonnet Study will enable researchers and care settings to test the effects of interventions and to report outcomes at the individual-, home- and system-level.

We will make our inventory of existing and new measures freely available. Our team has the interests, expertise and international networks to maximize impact by disseminating and promoting uptake of the instrument(s) in research and long-term care settings.

Valid and reliable approaches to measuring social connection for long-term care home residents, including those living with dementia, will advance care and improve health and quality of life in this population.

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