The Genetics Adviser

Accepting Students

Genomic sequencing is increasingly being used in genetic medicine to diagnose and optimize care for patients with rare genetic disorders. This technology also has the ability to detect a patient’s risk for thousands of current and future conditions (incidental genetic findings) not related to the patient’s main health condition.

As a result, these patients have to make a decision about what types of incidental findings they would like to learn about before undergoing genomic sequencing. It is not feasible to counsel patients on the thousands of possible results because of the limited clinical resources and genomics expertise. Digital health tools can help fill this gap, however, there are currently no such tools available. Thus, we have developed the Genetics Adviser which will deliver education, counselling, and return of results for patients undergoing various forms of genomic testing. The Genetics Adviser is an interactive digital application that is designed to accommodate the needs of different types of patients, test modalities, and results.

Accepting Students

Each year, I admit MSc and PhD students for interdisciplinary research investigating the impacts of adopting new genomic technologies in clinical care.

This research calls on the following methods: qualitative interviewing, surveys, clinical trials, behavioural and psychological outcomes, health technology assessment, health economics, patient engagement, deliberative democracy, mixed methods analysis. Interested candidates should email a CV, unofficial transcripts, and a brief research proposal (max 1 page). Candidates are strongly encouraged to google advice for effective proposal drafting. A strong introductory email is a great first step towards graduate school admission.

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Lead Faculty

Yvonne Bombard

Accepting Students