Patient Care and Patient Experience

Doctor In Consultation With Female Patient In Office

Patient care and experience refers to the quality of care and experience patients receive from their providers.

What it means for OHTs?

Teams will ensure patients have multiple ways to access care when they need it, that coordination and transitions are streamlined, and that patients know who to contact for help. Teams will also provide patients with access to digital health records, clearly communicate about the services available and provide health education for self-management.


Here is a sample of some of the research and resources available through IHPME and the Dalla Lana School of Public Health

Patient experience measures

Patient Reported Experience Measures (aka PREMs) are useful for enabling patients to provide direct feedback on their health related outcomes and experiences with care, which can then be used to continuous improvement. Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PREMs), allow patients to self-report on their health status (i.e. quality of life, symptoms, health behaviours, etc.) helping to achieve better patient-centred care.

  • For example, BeACCoN has conducted literature reviews on standardized PREMs and PROMs tools.
  • BeACCoN presentation on how and where PREMs and PROMs have been used across the province.
  • BeACCoN can also provide metrics on caregiver experience, such as caregiver reported experience measures (CREMs) and caregiver reported outcome measures (CROMs).

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