MSc to PhD Transfer

Students who would like to pursue PhD studies in the Clinical Epidemiology and Health Care Research (CEHCR), but who have completed a non-thesis master’s degree program (e.g. MBA, MPH), should apply first to the MSc CEHCR concentration. Students who meet criteria can transfer to the PhD CEHCR concentration within two years of registration.

The goal of the PhD CEHCR concentration is to produce clinician scientists who will be competitive for salary support awards from top peer-review agencies.

Successful applicants to the MSc to PhD CEHCR concentration transfer program will initially be enrolled in a master’s program. In order to be considered for transfer, students must complete the MSc to PhD CEHCR concentration transfer protocol:

  1. Demonstrate strong academic potential by:
    • completing a minimum of two courses per term, or four courses per academic year; and
    • achieving a minimum of B+ in all courses.
  2. Step II Transfer Proposal Defence
  3. The supervisor is responsible for notifying the CEHCR program of the outcome of the transfer defence as well as providing the names of the IHPME faculty members in attendance within one week of the defence
  4. The student will submit a revised transfer proposal to the CEHCR program, based on the feedback from the transfer defence with the approval of the supervisor. 
  5. Following the successful proposal defence, the student must also submit:
    • a proposed timeline for the completion of the Program;
    • a statement of proposed financial support

The transfer process (which includes all the supporting documentation and steps described above), must be submitted to the Program Director within 24 months of acceptance into the Clinical Epidemiology and Health Care Research concentration.

If the request to transfer is successful, students will be registered in the PhD program immediately following the approval of the request. If the request to transfer is unsuccessful, students will continue in their master’s program.

Students who successfully transfer will have their PhD registration back-dated to the date of entry into the MSc program for purposes of calculating the number of years they are allowed to complete their course work, including the comprehensive examination and to prepare and defend their thesis proposal.

Finance Your Degree

At IHPME, we offer a variety of financial supports to help you succeed in our graduate programs.

Connect with Clinical Epidemiology and Health Care Research (CEHCR)

CEHCR Program Director

Sindhu Johnson
Phone Number: 416-603-6417
Email Address: sindhu.johnson@​

Oversees management of the CEHCR program.

CEHCR Associate Director

Nick Daneman
Email Address: nick.daneman@​

Co-leads the management of the Clinical Epidemiology and Healthcare Research (CEHCR) program.

Graduate Administrator

Zoe Downie-Ross
Phone Number: (416) 946-3486
Email Address: ihpme.grad.admin@​

Coordinates student records, graduate funding, and student-related awards.

Graduate Admissions

Christina Lopez
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Manages admissions and responds to all related inquiries.

Graduate Assistant

Nadia Ismail
Phone Number: (416) 946-4100
Email Address: ihpme.grad.assist@​

Coordinates various graduate initiatives including defences, student events, and graduation.

Program Assistant – CEHCR

Aileen O’Dowd
Email Address:​

Manages the CEHCR courses including course enrolment, grades, and access to Quercus. For admissions inquiries contact

Graduate Placements

Christina Lopez
Phone Number: (416) 978-1108
Email Address: ihpme.placements@​

Coordinates details involving student placement and experiential learning