The Executive Master of Health Informatics (EMHI) is designed for established mid- to senior career candidates from diverse backgrounds, including healthcare, business and technology.

EMHI focuses on areas of policy, management and evaluation, and system leadership to best prepare the healthcare sector for downstream AI and health information technology-based change. 
EMHI’s flexible studies enables students to continue professional employment, sustaining career momentum, while gaining specialized health informatics knowledge.

Entry Term: Summer (June)

Accepting Applications: September 23, 2023

EMHI Application Deadline: January 6, 2024 (strongly recommended), accepting applications until March 1, 2024
*to be considered for Vector, applications must be submitted by Jan 6, 2024

Program Options: Course-based + Workplace Project 

Study Options: Modular

Flexible Studies: Learning modules delivered every 3-4 weeks to facilitate flexibility for students who work full time. 

Practical experience: EMHI includes a 400 hour health informatics project to provide students with practical experience that can be done in the student’s workplace or within the healthcare sector as a whole.

Peers: EMHI attracts diverse professional backgrounds across healthcare, business and technology sectors.      

Fully Online Program – Starting 2024

Starting July 2024, the Executive Health Informatics Program will be offered fully online.

The new online format will enable a new segment of students from across Canada, who currently are unable to access the University of Toronto’s MHI program, to attend courses and obtain the critical skills and knowledge provided by the program and desperately needed across the country.  The new mode of delivery will also provide students with exposure to a broader range of use cases and architectures from across Canada. EMHI students will be able to interact with colleagues from across the country and with instructors who are able to join the faculty from across Canada, enabling cross-fertilization of ideas and approaches to the practice of informatics. 

EMHI students will be expected to come to Toronto twice for a residential component to accommodate courses which are difficult to teach online.  The residential component will be held in February of each year to synergize with a planned annual conference which will enable networking with multiple cohorts, presentation of EMHI projects and networking with policy players in Ontario.

Gain Practice Experience

Students will participate in an informatics project to apply course learning within their own professional settings or to the healthcare sector in general. Students work with the instructor and/or employer to develop a related project prior to onsite or health system execution.

The project requires approximately 400 hours of applied practice.

Advance Your Knowledge

EMHI delivers a comprehensive, interdisciplinary curriculum that provides advanced knowledge in key health informatics competencies. Students will build their expertise in: 

  • Health and clinical systems and policy
  • Health information processing
  • Information and communication technologies in e-health -Measurement, decision analysis, decision support and evaluation
  • Project management
  • Knowledge management and change management

Finance Your Degree

At IHPME, we offer a variety of financial supports to help you succeed in our graduate programs.

Learn More About IHPME’s Master of Health Informatics (MHI)

MHI Program Director

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