Incoming IHPME Students Recipients of 2024-25 Vector Scholarship

May 24, 2024

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The Vector Institute recently unveiled the recipients of the 2024-25 Vector Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence (VSAI). These scholarships award individuals in Vector-recognized master’s programs or pursuing AI in their academic studies. Five incoming IHPME graduate students are among the 2024-2025 cohort, awarded for their dedication to AI innovation.

Kamyar Kazari, Master of Science in Health Systems Research (HSR)

Incoming grad student Kamyar Kazari, who will be starting the Master of Science in Health Systems Research (HSR) program under the supervision of Dr. Zahra Shakeri, has always been fascinated with exploring the applications of AI in the modern world.

“The field of AI in health is particularly compelling because it leverages AI for a noble purpose – saving millions of lives,” says Kazari.

Kazari was thrilled to learn he was chosen as a Vector Scholar, saying “being recognized among the top AI students in Ontario was exhilarating! It truly felt like all the hard work during my undergraduate years was paying off.”

AmirHosein Rostami, Master of Science in Health Systems Research (HSR)

An open-source enthusiast, AmirHosein Rostami is looking forward to continuing his AI journey in the Master of Science in Health Systems Research (HSR) program under the supervision of Dr. Zahra Shakeri.

Rostami is excited about being able to address public health surveillance issues such as detecting unhealthy food advertisements on social media, proactive predictions of illnesses such as diabetes, and enhancing patient morale.

“This award will allow me to focus more on my research instead of financial challenges, which will help me achieve high-quality research on my thesis,” says Rostami when asked about the scholarship’s impact on his future studies.

Dr. Frank Myslik, Executive Master of Health Informatics (EMHI)

As an Emergency Health Physician, Dr. Frank Myslik has seen the impact digital health has had on the way medicine is practiced. Dr. Myslik will be starting in the Executive Master of Health Informatics (EMHI) program at IHPME, which he believes will help him stay ahead of the curve when it comes to both clinical and technological expertise.

Following his studies at IHPME, Dr. Myslik hopes to take this knowledge as a digital leader to the next level by securing a seat at the table to help make impactful decisions on how AI and technology are applied to our health care systems.

When asked about his reaction to being named a Vector Scholar, Dr. Myslik notes he was surprised but excited, saying “it’s a prestigious award and goes a long way to making me feel supported as I pursue further training at this stage in my career.”

Dana Shayakhmetova, Master of Health Informatics (MHI)

Having recently completed a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Mathematics at the University of Ottawa, Dana Shayakhmetova is looking forward to starting in the Master of Health Informatics (MHI) program at IHPME this upcoming Fall. Dana was drawn to the MHI program due to her interest in AI and mental healthcare.

“From my academic background to my professional experiences, I’ve witnessed the transformative potential of AI in optimizing healthcare processes and streamlining access to critical information. The Health Informatics program aligns seamlessly with my aspirations, offering a platform to delve deeper into the intersection of technology and mental health treatment.”

Dana recalls the moment she was informed that she was a 2024-2025 Vector Scholarship recipient, saying “it was truly a moment of delight for me. It affirmed even further my dedication to the intersection of computer science, mathematics, and healthcare.”

Following her studies at IHPME, Dana hopes to continue advancing medical informatics for mental illnesses and work towards the development of AI-powered solutions that will help diagnose, treat, and manage conditions such as schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s, and borderline personality disorder (BPD).

Dr. Jonathan Wong, Executive Master of Health Informatics

A physician leader in health informatics, Dr. Jonathan Wong is looking forward to learning more about AI’s ongoing effect on how health care is provided.

Currently, Dr. Wong is a practicing neonatologist at BC Children’s Hospital and BC Women’s Hospital and Health Centre. He has cultivated a strong passion for digital health, which he hopes to develop when he begins the Executive Master of Health Informatics (EMHI) program at IHPME.

“I’d like to continue to support my organization as a physician leader in health informatics. I hope to apply what I learn by focusing on the impact of health technology, data, and AI at the systems level. By doing so I’d like to work to improve processes and outcomes to deliver more efficient, effective, and timely health care to our citizens,” says Dr. Wong.

When asked about his reaction to winning a Vector Scholarship, Dr. Wong says he was thrilled and he “felt honoured to be awarded the scholarship. It makes me even more enthusiastic to pursue my program and apply what I learned.”

As they embark on their journey with IHPME supported by this prestigious scholarship, these incoming students are ready to make significant contributions to the ever-evolving landscape of digital health care.

2024-25 Vector Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence recipients
Clockwise: Dana Shayakhmetova, Dr. Jonathan Wong, Dr. Frank Myslik, AmirHosein Rostami, Kamyar Kazari

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