Logan Roy

HSR Graduate


Logan Roy was excited to join IHPME’s Health Systems Research (HSR) program to collaborate with like-minded colleagues across diverse fields within the healthcare sector. A major motivator for Roy to join the program was the opportunity to learn by doing.

Studying in the Health Services Outcomes and Evaluation emphasis, Roy says this was an opportunity to join IHPME’s extensive network and tap into countless opportunities to collaborate with affiliated academic centres, hospitals, community health organizations, and public health units.  

“The opportunity to collaborate with such a diverse group of health service researchers challenged how I approached complex health systems problems and helped to expand my thinking through different lenses,” says Roy. “My time at IHPME was truly an interdisciplinary learning experience!” 

Roy also reflected on completing the HSR program throughout the pandemic. While challenging, Roy shares this experience offered new insights as an emerging health services researcher. 

“Being a part of the IHPME community in this context emphasized that this field requires us to be creative, innovative, and open to change,” says Roy. “Having watched my mentors adapt to the ever-changing healthcare landscape over the pandemic, I now truly appreciate what it means to be a life-long learner.” 

Roy recently joined North York Toronto Health Partners (NYTHP) Ontario Health Team (OHT) as a Research Analyst. Roy supports the monitoring and evaluation of local priority projects and assists in the development of an evaluation framework to help build capacity for evaluation and quality improvement as NYTHP OHT continues to mature.

Roy’s one piece of advice for those interested in HSR is to know your “why.” “Take the time to understand why you want to become a health services researcher and why you’re interested in specific research areas or topics,” says Roy. “Once you know your why, IHPME will equip you with the tools, resources, and mentors to show you how.”

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