Project Practicum


HAD3010H and HAD3020H


The broad learning goal for the project course is to effectively apply principles, theories and methods of improvement science to a workplace issue. More specifically, students will learn to exercise creative and critical thinking, analyze a process, model, or situation to determine where specific interventions should be targeted, determine if an intervention is even necessary, and determine whether desired outcomes have been achieved and to assess the impact and sustainability of the interventions The project course includes the fundamentals of project management, practical skills and tools for rigorous design and implementation of a QI project, statistical methods for QI, methods for critiquing the literature related to the interventions identified and skills for writing for publication and what QI journals typically look for when reviewing articles. Students will learn to evaluate their projects from a broader perspective, assessing how an intervention fits within a broader healthcare context and how to design quality improvement projects to answer more complex questions.Instructional time will be embedded into each required course to cover the learning objectives that relate specifically to the project practicum and a session in each module will be dedicated to project development and discussion. For example the fall term courses will include instruction on literature reviews, research methods that are appropriate for quality improvement projects, discussion about research ethics, and project charters, reporting project progress to executive sponsors, development of indicators and measures. Students will meet regularly with their project mentors for guidance on their projects.

Explore past project titles


  • Identify theoretical concepts of improvement science relevant to their workplace projects;

  • Appraise and apply research methods that are appropriate for assessing the impact or implementation of their workplace projects;

  • Demonstrate effective communication skills in the presentation of the projects;

  • Identify the elements of an effective plan for communicating the project to the sponsoring organization;

  • Select and apply methods for assessing the literature related the workplace project that assesses the strength and weaknesses of the interventions proposed.

  • Develop the skills needed to write an article suitable for publication that describes the project


Patricia Trbovich


Accepting Students

Margot Follett Rowe

Alexander Lo

Joanne Zee

Martin Esken

Paul Benassi

Nava Maham




Project Practicum


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This course will end at the end of summer term.