Home and Community Care Knowledge Translation


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This course is designed to expose trainees to knowledge translation issues in the area of home and community care. Participants produce a quarterly digest for decisions makers involved in planning health service provision in the community. Participants select policy and program relevant research and translate it into an accessible format for decision makers. The course is designed to teach academic trainees how to disseminate research findings to a broad audience of policy decision makers. Over 70 international and Canadian journals from several disciplines are reviewed.


To provide participants with critical appraisal and knowledge translation skills in the area of home and community care.


Peter Coyte

Peter C. Coyte

Accepting Students

HSR Lead – Health Economics


There are four components to the evaluation: first, participants will attend and engage in active discussion demonstrating knowledge and understanding of the articles for potential inclusion in the quarterly digest (20%); second, participants will select, discuss and write articles for potential inclusion in each quarterly issue (20%); third, participants will produce a headline, summary and structured abstract as 1st or 2nd reviewer for each issue of the digest (20%); and finally, each participant will take on the editorial leadership for at least one issue of the digest (40%). top