Leadership for Digital Health Transformation




This course will explore the art (practical exercise of leadership) with the science (contemporary theory and concepts of leadership) of leadership of digital health transformation. The course is divided into four sections:

  • The Foundations of Leadership (Introduction Session) – explores various models and theories about the skills, competencies and mindsets of leadership and how “management” differs from “leadership”. Focus will be on leadership frameworks that are values and influence-based and relevant to digital health transformation.

  • The Leadership of Change (3 sessions) – explores the evolution of change theory in health and some contemporary change models that are used in the IT/Digital Health and health fields. We’ll also look at the “change cycle” and what leadership practices can be brought to bear to create successful change projects. We will explore the theory and root cause of common failures of digital health change projects. Examples from health will be examined (e.g. the intersectionality of leadership across the various health sectors). A group change/tranformation project and paper will form the basis of the culmination of learning for this section to give learners practical insight in applying theory to leading change/transformation in the field.

  • Beyond Change: Leading Crises, Innovation and Disruptive Change (2 sessions) – explores crisis and resilience leadership and models for disruptive change. Examines how leadership can enable innovation and transformational change. Examples from health informatics, including COVID-19, and health system recovery will be examined.

  • Culmination of Learning (2 sessions) : Translating Learning about Leadership Into One’s Personal Practice – Learners enter into a final phase of self-reflection on key learnings from the course and create a personal leadership development plan. Proven leadership self assessment tools including the Leadership Practice Inventory, resilence and influencer tests will inform the self reflection process. Learners will also interview a digital health leader in the field to examine how these leadership competencies manifest in practice within digital health and receive the reflections of a career coach in digital health leadership. Peer and small group dialogue as well as the final Self Reflection Paper will embed learning into one’s leadership practice now and in future.

Learner Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to integrate leadership concepts into their personal leadership practice in the field of digital health transformation:

  1. Indicate their leadership development needs and construct a set of actions that will improve their ability to lead and practice leadership in the field of digital health.

  2. Exhibit insight and self-awareness for their own leadership practice.

  3. As a leader of digital health transformation, learners will be able to:

  • describe their vision of the future and demonstrate their ability to inspire others to a common vision, particularly in times of crisis and change.

  • to recognize opportunities to challenge the status quo and improve system performance.

  • understand the conditions and climate in which people are willing to innovate and bring about disruptive change.

  • to identify leadership actions that will allow others within a team to trust, collaborate and work as a team toward results.

  • to give constructive feedback, recognize and appreciate the accomplishments of others in ways that are meaningful to them.

  • to listen actively to diverse points of view and lead with empathy.

  • to be able to articulate a vision for change, to plan a change project and monitor achievement of progress toward the future.


Wendy Nelson

Wendy Nelson

Accepting Students

Gina Johar

Gina Johar