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North American Observatory on Health Systems and Policies

As part of the North American Observatory on Health Systems and Policies (NAO) Lecture Series we welcome Damir Ivankovic & Mircha Poldrugovac on Tuesday, December 10, 2019 at 12:00 PM in H 208 (Health Sciences Building, 155 College Street, Toronto). This event is free of charge and open to anyone. Forward it to a friend who might be interested.

Optimizing Performance Intelligence in Health Systems: Insights from Hospital and Long-Term Care Sectors

The NAO and IHPME are delighted to be partnering with the European Commission, Canadian Institute for Health Information and the Amsterdam University Medical Centre to host two visiting PhD students as part of the HealthPros training program.  In this NAO Lecture, we will hear from Damir Ivankovic and Mircha Poldrugovac about this unique training program, and the two empirical studies they are leading while in Toronto.

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Damir has worked closely with the Ontario Hospital Association to develop a survey, currently in the field, that asks hospital managers about how they use performance data to inform their decisions. The survey was previously administered by the European Association of Hospital Managers. Damir will share the findings of the analysis of European survey data and what insights may be gained by including the Ontario case.

Mircha is drawing on Canada-wide data on performance in long-term care homes from CIHI to examine the trends in performance over time, and in particular to see the extent to which public reporting led to any discernable break in that trend.

About Health Pros:

HealthPros is a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network for Healthcare Performance Intelligence Professionals, running from January 2018 – 2022. HealthPros trains 13 PhD candidates (HealthPros fellows) to become the first generation of Healthcare Performance Intelligence Professionals. They are trained to make effective use of available healthcare performance data in countries to improve integrated service delivery, patient engagement, equality in access to healthcare, health outcomes, and reduce waste in healthcare. Through innovative research, HealthPros is developing tools and implementing methods to streamline healthcare performance measurement, the development and application of performance-based governance mechanisms and effective use of Healthcare Performance Intelligence by different end-users to match the different health care systems in the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, UK, Italy, Hungary and Canada, and support the transferability of the tools and methods to other countries.

Profile of DamirDamir Ivankovic, MD, MSc

Damir is a PhD Fellow/MD Researcher of the HealthPros Project. Prior to joining HealthPros, Damir worked as a Public Health Resident at the Croatian Institute of Public Health and the President of the European Network of Medical Residents in Public Health (EuroNet MRPH). His educational background includes public health residency, healthcare management and business administration, with professional experiences including clinical medicine (psychiatry), health policy (Ministry of Health) and medical device industry (multinational manufacturer) work.

Porfile of MirchaMircha Poldrugovac, MD, MSc

Mircha is a PhD Fellow of the HealthPros project who began his medical career working as an advisor in the area of quality and safety in health care at the Ministry of Health of Slovenia. Mircha participated in several projects in the area of quality management, including the preparation of a national framework of quality indicators in health care and of the first annual report on those indicators. He began working at the National Institute of Public Health in Slovenia in 2011 and completed his specialist training in the area of public health in 2016. Among others, he has been recently involved in the WHO Europe lead Evidence Informed policy-making Network (EVIPNet), for which he is one of the so called “champions” in Slovenia.

North American Observatory on Health Systems and Policies (NAO)

The North American Observatory on Health Systems and Policies (NAO) is a collaborative partnership of interested researchers, health organizations, and governments promoting evidence-informed health system policy decision-making. Due to the high degree of health system decentralization in the United States and Canada, the NAO is committed to focusing attention on comparing health systems and policies at the provincial and state level in federations.

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